My Childhood Friend the Demon Knight Hates Me Chapter 2

Heart Break 2

Chapter 2

Author’s notes:

Somehow, there are depictions of bloodshed.

Please take note for those who can’t handle such stuff.


I remembered, it was definitely that day that something started to “crumble”.


It has been four years since I met Reiss.

Being always together with me is just the norm, I met with Reiss as always, and visited the orphanage.


While playing with the other children, I heard from Uncle Allan that Reiss is not coming out of his room. Being given a single room for himself, he just stayed there alone indulging himself to his studies quietly.


“I even told him to refrain from always locking himself….” while muttering those words, I went to where Reiss’ room was with light footsteps.

There is something I need to tell him as soon as possible.


“Ne~e, Reiss. You’re there right? I’m coming in. Actually, I talked with father and Ryoshu-sama yesterday during a tea party, then Ryoshu-sama told me that I may have a talent on becoming a “Spirit User“. Reiss, you used to tell me you wanted to see a spirit right? I thought maybe I can show you one……. Reiss?”


Knocking the door politely, I opened the door while talking familiarly. Since Reiss has a habit of covering his ear while concentrating on his studies, I was allowed to enter without asking for permission whenever I have something I want to talk about.


However, my cheerful words are suddenly interrupted. The dim lighted room became desolated—— after a sudden gust of wind blew.


“What, is this?…..”


The light was covered by the closing curtain inside the room, books were scattered and was torn apart. A cracked red flower pendant with gold colored chains was scattered on the floor and was left behind.

…….This is the pendant I gave Reiss as a charm.


I stepped inside the room while feeling incredibly scared, *clink*, I stepped on something.




This is the silver-colored light dagger that Reiss treasures. It was forbidden to carry this except on emergencies and during training but why is it lying on the floor….. I crouched down and picked it up, as I reached for it I gulped down.


――――Something red that still looked freshly ward was painted all over the tip of the dagger.


“R, Reiss! Reiss, where are you!? If you’re here please reply!!”


I understood that it was blood a few moments ago, I frantically raised my voice.


It is obvious that something terrible happened. I need make sure first that Reiss is safe and desperately look for him around.


I finally found Reiss between the gap of the single bed and the wooden wall.





I was relieved to just seeing him and before anything worst happened. But no matter how you look at it, his beautiful face was distorted in pain, and he was clutching his chest tightly. Red liquid was gushing out from him and as I thought the red thing on the dagger is from Reiss.


Asking for what has happened comes later, for now I need to get close to him to check, but as I was rushing to him he shout loudly ―――― “Don’t get close!” at me.


“Don’t come, get out of the room fast!”

“W, What are you talking about Reiss!? We need to treat you immediately…..”

“Something like this is nothing. I told you to get out fast!”


He rejected and glared at me like a beast with his red eyes. I was taken aback, even though it wasn’t my first time to be glared at, I was frightened by his glare.


In the end, Reiss continued to shout “Don’t come!”…..

I turned around my feet and hurriedly went out to call Uncle Allan. Being told “I don’t want to see your face right now.” I didn’t had a choice but to withdraw.




Luckily the injuries was not that bad and the accident regarding Reiss went by unnoticed.

No matter how they asked what happened on that incident, Reiss just kept his mouth shut, so the incident just ended without a hitch.


――――But since that day, he began to avoid contact with me.


Even I went to the orphanage to see him, he just deliberately avoided me.

No matter how much I called him, he just ignored me.


Even Uncle Allan has no idea what happened to Reiss and just apologized to me saying “I’m really sorry Suria-chan.” Uncle didn’t do anything wrong.


It’s as if it was the same when we met. No, it felt far worse being clearly ignored and avoided completely.

On that day he was injured, it felt that “something” precious to him from me was lost.

Even if I wanted to know what is it, I can’t, just making an eye contact and he’ll deliberately avoid it. My heart just went on getting hurt.


……..But no matter how cool he was, for me Reiss just looked like an idiot.


I’m sure something happened. And if that something is solved, we can return to our usual days.


Once again calling me “Suu“, calling my name gently with a clumsy look on his face.


Believing it, I prepared a gift for his fourteenth birthday.

Well even though we call it birthday, the actual day of his birth is actually unknown. I asked Uncle Allan for a favor in the past to place Reiss in the orphanage.


Even so, I made sure to celebrate such special day every year and made sure to hand him a gift as it is very important thing.


I can’t give up on my beloved Reiss, the one I prepared since last year was a garment with an embroided red flower.


In Allevel, it was said that the “Ricolla” flower that blooms around that almost everywhere throughout the whole year is used as an ingredient to make medicines for headaches and to revitalise the skin and a key material to make charms that purifies and ward off demons.


The embroidery used a yarn was dyed using the extract taken from the same flower. And of course, I did my best doing the embroidery.


As for me, my skills as a lady on embroidery and knitting aren’t that superior, but since my mother is strict when it comes to such matters, I somehow managed to be somewhat good at it.

The color of the Rycolla flower has the same color as Reiss’ red eyes.

The pendant I gave as a present has also the same shape as the Rycolla flower but since it was shattered on that day, I had no idea where the pieces were.

“……. Why was it broken? Ma~a, nevermind it.”

Imagining his clumsy reaction when he received that pendant then muttering “Thank you…….Suu”, is just making my cheeks loose.

Despite all his complaints he made sure he is wearing it all the time. He sure treasures it.

I’ll make sure to hand this garment to him.

His birthday came and I’m completely prepared, the embroiry on the garment is done and was wrapped with a ribbon. Recently, I’m starting to feel the existence of spirits and was telling me “We’re rooting for you.” , I then rushed to where Reiss is.


TL Notes:

I’m planning to release this as a teaser for raising awareness for the WN as well as hoping for someone out there who is kind-hearted to pick this one up *sending meaningful glances*

I hope you enjoy this chapter. If you find any error, please fell free to tell me so.

Thank you.

TL: BabyDalyn

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12 thoughts on “My Childhood Friend the Demon Knight Hates Me Chapter 2

  1. Some corrections?:
    “R, Reiss! Reiss, where are you!? If your here please reply!!”
    Your should be you’re*

    I was relieved to just seeing him and before anything worst happened. But no matter how you look at it, his beautiful was distorted in pain, and he was clutching his chest tightly.
    I was relieved just seeing him before anything worse happened or I was relieved to just see him before anything worse happened.**
    “His beautiful was distorted” is maybe missing “his beautiful face”

    Thanks for the chapter! I really wanted someone to pick this up since it sounded interesting!

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